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I feel like this a lot because I would say I’m about 80% attracted to men and sometimes it feels like I’m cheating by saying that I’m queer. Like, taking away attention from ‘actual’ queer people.

Yeah, I feel you :( Saying 60/40 is just me being generous, I’m somewhere along closer to 70/30 and yes, exactly, “actual” queer people and bluerghhh that’s just Not A Very Good Thing and I know that it Doesn’t Make Much Sense 

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HUGS AND LOVE. i totally get you. for so long i didn’t wanna ID as anything but straight, cause i felt like i wasn’t “gay enough” or…idek. like someone would come out of nowhere and call me a liar. it’s confusing stuff bb, for everyone.

*hugs and kisses and love and all that good stuff* 

That’s how I feel too. Hey, at least I’m not alone right haha. (Also, that thing about being called a liar, yeah dude, totally get you there)

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noo no, you should not feel bad whatsoever. you can’t distribute something as abstract as love or attraction in an equal matter like that. whoever tells you otherwise is just ridiculous

oh I know, but idk in my more insecure moments, I can’t help but question if I’m “”“”queer enough”“”” which yeah, is gross

def don’t feel bad, you are gr9 and being more attracted to one or the other isn’t uncommon & doesn’t mean you aren’t bi or queer.

*hugs* thank you bb 

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