margotkim replied your post margotkim replied your post : my friends-with-benefits pairing

yessssss, Im avoiding doing things and this sounds like a perfect way to shirk my responsibilities

Seriously, fic > responsibilities

Okay so,

  1. When it’s wrong and useless (end-of-the-world au, also, the best)
  2. The Joinery part 2 (please, please read this)
  3. Splits in the skin (2 words: modern!au, angst. enough said, I think) also warning for domestic abuse 
  4. Stage Blood Is Not Enough (So, so, so great.)
  5. We’re Only Taking Turns Holding This World
  6. Heed my words or suffer the price
  1. churayl said: OMF CERSEI NED FIC??????? OMFGGGGGG KZHNCG
  2. margotkim said: nice, thank you so much <3
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